"No Existen cosas imposibles solo hombres incapaces." - Simon Bolivar
(There is nothing impossible, only men that are incapable.)


International trips restarting soon to the Caribbean, Central America, the Mideast and the Far East.

Owner, Max Tyner at Bamian, Afghanistan, site of Buddha destruction
Robert E. Peary staked this flag (made for him by his wife Josephine) in an ice hummock near the North Pole. Peary took this photograph of his expedition team.
                        Airship  Norge, piloted by Umberto Nobile with  Roald Amundsen as passenger to the North Pole

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May Adventure Milestones

6-May 1856: Robert E. Peary birth; U.S. Arctic explorer usually credited with leading the first expedition to reach the North Pole
9-May 1926: 1st flight over the N.Pole; Robert Byrd is the 1st to fly over the North pole in a Fokker plane
12-May 1926: 
1st airship flight over the N.Pole;
Umberto Nobile in the Italian semirigid airship Norge flies over the North pole 3 days after Byrd


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